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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Post-Endgame — Following their entry into the Alpha Quadrant from the transwarp corridor, Voyager is now safely docked above Earth. While the crew begin their slow descent to Earth, Janeway contemplates life without her crew, returning to the life she left seven years ago, and what the future would hold for her.

Seeing Kathryn's depression beginning in "Night", Chakotay has prepared a little surprise for her. Zeit also, um voller Neugier und Hoffnung nach vorne zu blicken und alles zu vergessen, was in der letzten Zeit geschehen ist. Kirk und seine Crew einfach nicht loszulassen zu wollen. A seemingly routine mission to rout some pirates turns into something else entirely when they encounter a previously unknown species of alien The Deep Space Nine crew is investigating strange lifesigns found on Empok Nor when they discover a stasis chamber hidden on the station.

Once they open it up, the even stranger man with silver hair and green eyes is not what anyone expected to see. The last thing Sephiroth remembers is dying in the Northern Crater, and the last thing he remembers clearly is entering the basement of the Shinra Mansion.

He doesn't know where he is, or who these people are, or how he ended up here, but he's going to have to find out in order to get home.

Alternate Universe

Kirk, 19 year old genius, and 12 prodigy children he rescues. The catch- the children are Vulcan. That's just how the story starts though. It's continuation, Vulcan grants Jim what they see as the highest honor- he did, after all, save some very important children.

This is how I spent my Easter Sunday. A direct follow-on to "Wanderers Still. There will be more parts, but I make no promises as to when or how many. I just wanted to share this with you today. In this story, Spock grows up on Earth as opposed to Vulcan, and this should have various effects on his life. More than an Year has passed since Jim's got the Providence and moved on-- or moved on as best that he can for all things considering.

With a new ship, he still has yet to find a new First Officer, not when he can't stop thinking about his first one. Scotty says he is up to the task, but Jim's unsure.Captain's Log, Stardate Having recently been put in command of the newly christened Enterprise, I can't say that I am not happy to receive our first mission, the first extra-galactic probing ever conducted in human history.

Utilizing the new engines of the Enterprisecombined with the upgrades made by Scotty on our mission against Nero, we will be able to reach the galactic barrier in a little under 5 hours. What we find there will be a mystery, and hopefully a wonder. The newly commissioned NCC had had no shakedown cruise. Their 'maiden voyage' as it was was an attempt to stop the war criminal Nero, who had destroyed the planet Vulcan in an attempt to exact vengeance against an alternate timeline's Ambassador Spock.

Though Ambassador Spock was technically the same person as Commander Spock, currently First Officer of the Enterprisehe is indeed not the same personality.

However, these are not the adventures of Ambassador Spock. These are the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk, and First Officer Spock. The two colleagues just mentioned sat in the Enterprise Dining room, playing a game of three-dimensional chess.

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A battle between logic and instinct, as Kirk had put it. At the same time, Kirk was also viewing the screen next to him, which showed a forward view as the ship travelled at Warp, the blue streaking effect that had become so common by now to Kirk whooshing by.

But back to the game of chess. It was 34 moves into the game, Spock's turn. He moved his pawn to grid D-7 on the third level. Need I remind you that it was not logic that helped us defeat Nero before he destroyed Earth.

I am full aware that you're 'instinct' helped save us in our latest predicament. However, this is a game of chess, not a battle against an irrational man. Emotion cannot change the outcome in a game of strategy. I repeat, I'll have you checkmated in six moves. Kirk chuckled a bit at this, then proceeded to make his move.

However, it was not the logical move that Spock had intended Kirk to make, rather the move came, to coin an Earth expression, 'out of the blue. However, before Spock could respond to Kirk's quip, the sound of the comm was heard. Kirk pressed the button on the viewer next to him to answer, and the blue streaking of warp drive was replaced with the image of Chekov on the bridge. Don't tell me that my emotionless first officer is actually desiring to play a game and ignore duties," Kirk replied as Chekov's image on the viewer was again replaced by the blue warp.This is an alternate universe from standard Star Trek with a different Tech Level progression.

Hyperdrive is available but Warp Drive is not yet developed. We have been in space much longer but mostly near Earth. Since we have been in space much longer some of the technologies are different so there are little changes all over. The medical tech is better and the doctors don't stop just because they don't get a heart beat.

They can bring someone back as long as they have most of the parts and the brain isn't too damaged. Power armor and robots are common as well. Force fields have been developed. There are no Transporters or replicators. That is set as a much higher tech now. Having replicators means that there is no reason to deliver anything or have supply ships or do a lot of things that makes a science fiction setting interesting.

It also means that there are no easy escapes and no need to make the transporter break down all the time. This is mostly based on the crew from Star Trek Enterprise but there are some changes. For one Star Trek seems to not understand the a First Officer is a job by itself and is not just who is next in command.

The idea that Starfleet would forget to assign one makes no sense so I have an actual First Officer already there.

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Secondly there are fewer Ensigns in my AU. A ship that is the first of it's kind is going to have a lot of people wanting a position on it. They would tend to be overqualified. Sticking some ensigns on there when higher rank personnel want the position makes no sense.

Next the idea that Tactical and Security would be handled by the same person is flawed. If they are in combat and are boarded then you don't need to split the attention of the tactical officer. Plus they require a completely different skill set. Then there is the matter of Bridge stations. I changed around who does what to some degree. Helm is still forward from the Captain's chair. It handles ship maneuvering and firing forward weapons like Sulu used to.

When they are not in combat Tactical lays in courses for the Helm and they generally have to work closely together. Short Range Navigation covers course corrections based on the sensors.

To the Captain's right is Operations. This replaces Engineering. This is a bridge position and it covers system management, damage control, and access control.

The Chief Engineer should not be on the bridge. He has enough to do in main engineering. The First Officer has a seat next to Operations and on the Captain's right. Counter Clockwise from Helm is Communications, then Sciences. Sciences handles the long range sensors and long range navigation based on charts mostly.

The Top 15 Star Trek Fanfiction 'Ships

The other major change is that there is a standard Away Team. It never made sense why they would send their department heads into very dangerous encounters. It works like an SG team. The Enterprise is the first of a new Kepler class with a primary and secondary hull.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: Impetuous - Stories: 68 - Followers: 1 - Staff: 1 - id: We here believe there is no "real story", for that's the beauty of fan-fiction, the only "real" is the one that you choose.

Instead of inventing warp drive, Zefram Cochrane developed a different engine that took Man to the stars. How much will change, and how much will be the same and how much will change? Read and find out. AU Alternate Universe therefore does not adhere to cannon.

T'Pol did not join the Enterprise after her brief stint as an observer. T for now Tucker, T'Pol, Soval. Things only become that much more complicated when Koss hires the Suliban to kidnap her in order for T'Pol to become his mate. Twist at the end! Tucker - Complete. T'Pol wants it to be special for Trip. Tucker, T'Pol - Complete.

What happened with the Terra Prime investigations? What were their findings? What did appear when they threw some light on it? True love travels on a gravel road by panyasan reviews A Valentine story about gravel roads, friendship and love, music, food, travel and the road home.

Inspired by the episodes Bounty, Home and Bound.

Alternate Universe

Enterprise has taken part in the final battle, but survival has come at a price Warning: Major character death. Do not read if this kind of story upsets you! This is the last story in the 'Kerriel' Trilogy, and it won't make much sense without the previous two. Some aspects of it may be controversial. After she returns, everyone and everything has changed.

Commissioning by Transwarp reviews This story takes place between the 'StarTrek: Enterprise' season four episodes 'Home' and 'Borderlands', and chronicles the events around T'Pol's commissioning as a Starfleet officer. Tucker, T'Pol. Star Trek Heronas The Betazoid Connection by Snorpenbass reviews A trip to Betazoid to help T'Pol convalesce and heal her long-standing ailments gets the crew of the Heronas caught up in a gruesome mystery. Who is the Betazoid Strangler, and what is its connection to our favorite couple?

The continuing adventures of Trip Tucker, T'Pol, the Buran-class starship Heronas and its eternal quest to explore, courier and break speed limits. Reluctant Warrior by jrrm64 reviews AU. The Romulan War and Trip is in charge of the first coalition integrated ship.

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Ignores TATV like everyone should. Divergent Paths by Rigil Kent reviews Two officers, believed killed in action, are stranded on a prewarp planet and must work together to survive while the rest of the NX crew learn to carry on without them.

AU seasonVery TnT.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus includes. Cancel Apply And with it one that could change the course of history in the tv show history focused on them now. Can they fix that past mistake or will the future for SG-1 play out in the same way. Picard, Gen. Hammond, D. Jackson, Jacob C. As both groups prepare to change the past, can past events be rectified. When in the mid to late 20th century and the early 21st century be fixed, or will the present and past happen all over again.

Time travel story, alternate reality in both shows. Picard, Wesley C. Hammond, Jacob C. As they all decide to make alterations, Daniel Jackson and Sam Carter consider their connection and the prospect of them meeting as kids and spending their lives together, how would this change the future if they and Lou Ferretti met as children. As the events of that mission have far reaching impacts effecting their future.

Hearing from his friend in the Ancient's he can change his own past. And meeting the characters of the next generation, the SGC and their allies decide to change the past to give earth a better future.

star trek alternate universe fanfiction

Carter, Gen. With the theory being that there are an infinite number of realities, wouldn't it make sense that there was an equivalent Jack O'Neill in the Star Trek Universe? The Galaxy Project by GMBlackjack reviews In a galaxy where dozens of sci-fi franchises are smashed together, many civilizations will butt heads and learn more about the nature of the cosmos. But in the deep future, a threat is coming that no one in the galaxy is aware of. The galaxy only has years to prepare.

In the midst of all this, the Tau'ri must rise to the challenge and take up the mantle of the Great Alliance. Well, sort of. On the hunt for a new one.

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Reboot Legacy by Beatrice Otter reviews This is what we leave behind. Timestamp for Reboot The Chase.Alternate Universe often abbreviated as "AU" is a descriptor used to characterize fanworks which change one or more elements of the source work's canon.

AU fanworks cover a great deal of creative territory, and much discussion has gone into how exact to classify the term and its subtropes. The openness of AUs allows fans to stretch themselves creatively.

star trek alternate universe fanfiction

The term most often refers to fanficbut fanart can also invoke AU tropes — for example, steampunk versions of universes. AU-type stories are common in Japanese doujinshi as well, often featuring characters recast as high school students or animals. Some animanga canons include AUs as well. Constructed realitya term used in Viddingis essentially the visual counterpart to AUs in written fanfic. AU fanworks cover a great deal of broadly defined creative territory with many subtropes.

Under the broad umbrella of "alternate universe", one can find both fanworks that only diverge from their source canons in a single, specific way for example, a Star Wars AU in which the first Death Star is not destroyed and fanworks that have changed things so significantly the characters are almost unrecognizable without their names which is sometimes when an author will file off the serial numbers.

Fans use AUs to stretch themselves creatively and to engage in flights of fancy.

star trek alternate universe fanfiction

It's generally agreed that the most effective AUs are those in which—even in the most radically changed circumstances—the transplanted characters are clearly recognizable in relation to their canonical counterparts. However, there is much controversy in fandom as to what makes such characters recognizable and precisely when an AU deviates so far from canon that it effectively becomes original fiction—at which point it may no longer be considered "proper" fanfic, and may no longer appeal to fan audiences.

star trek alternate universe fanfiction

Fortunately for purposes of classification, a large proportion of AU fanworks fall into recognizable and somewhat popular subgroups. Fanworks based on source-canon AUs may be labeled in various ways as well, sometimes using source-canon episode titles, and sometimes coining new terms. Miller", while in Xena fandom, Conqueror tags stories set in the world of the Hercules episode "Armageddon Now". Fusions —works in which two or more fictional universes are condensed into one—are sometimes considered a special case of AU; more often, they're considered a subtype of their own, standing between AUs and crossovers.

A mirror universe is a type of alternate universe in which familiar characters are given reversed characteristics. Heroes might be evil, or at least far more ruthless and aggressive. The term originates from Star Trekwhich has several episodes portraying a canonical alternate universe in which the peaceful Federation never existed, replaced by the brutal, conquering Terran Empire. In general when a fanwork is stated to be set in a 'mirror universe,' it means the story will be darkfic.

The canonical "moral inversion" of the Mirror Universe setting gives the fanwork creator the opportunity to depict dark subjects that would not be part of canon. Characters from the regular universe and the Mirror Universe may also interact, giving the writer an opportunity to explore doppelganger or Evil Twin scenarios. While the Hollywood-coined term " reboot "—popularized in connection with Star Trek XIwhich went to great lengths [6] to characterize itself as existing in a parallel timeline to that of Star Trek: The Original Series —often arguably describes an AU version of a previous source work, fandom has not generally adopted the term either as a descriptor for fanworks or of the fandoms arising from commercial reboots.

In some cases, an AU fanwork can become popular enough that its readers are inspired to create additional works in the same setting. This can result in a " shared universe " consisting of anywhere from a handful of stories to hundreds.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 5.

Uhura are married, and the Enterprise is on a slow run to Vulcan. What could go wrong? Kirk has worked for years to have Starfleet implement a program where children can join their parents in space. His main objective, to bring his daughter, Jamie, on board. After his wife's death, he'd left her with his mother and realizes he's lost valuable time.

The program is just getting off the ground so there are bound to be some space bumps along the way! Vocabulaire inutile : insulter en vulcain by Kty Koneko reviews Le noble peuple Vulcain n'a pas toujours suivi les voies de la logique et de la raison. The Captain and the Cadet 5-The Secret of the Seri by Suzy Scribbles reviews Jamie Kirk's orders as an official cadet sound easy: Befriend a young princess traveling with her entourage aboard ship.

Star Trek: Enterprise - Abandon Enterprise / Defiant Trapped / Defiant Fights Back

The rest of her party is on a Klingon ship paralleling the Enterprise to a trade conference. Who will win the trading rights to the Jovitian Seri stones? Can the Klingons be trusted to play fair, especially when the Seri stones are more than just pretty baubles?

Jennifer Hope, recently promoted to lieutenant, is back on the Enterprise. Much to the delight of a certain CMO. But can Hope and McCoy just pick up where they left off?

And if so, are they headed for a happy ever after? Or are there yet more surprises and obstacles to overcome? Between the two of them, they'll certainly keep the rest of the crew on their toes. Chekov, J. Kirk, L.

McCoy, Spock. Having an unstable quantum signature react to situations of mortal danger

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